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Kickass Classical On YouTube

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:18 pm
by kickassclassical
When we created our Top 100 List, we thought Kickass Classical couldn't possibly be any more ADHD-friendly... that is, until we launched our own YouTube Channel.

It's been six weeks since we created our first video, and we're wowed by the response!

2,000 channel views... 120 subscribers... 66,000 video views... and counting! In our humble estimation that's over 1,000 people a week discovering their favorite Classical Music through our vids.

Our favorite creation is the Kickass Classical Top 100 Playlist, where you'll hear 300 years of music in less than 30 minutes.

Check it out, subscribe or leave a comment, and don't be surprised if you get a friend request from us omg lol.

Thanks for watching!

Re: Kickass Classical On YouTube

PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:00 am
by kickassclassical
Update: 15 weeks

4,500 channel views... 250 subscribers... 200,000 video views... and counting!

Favorite comments so far:

Thank you so much for this wonderful list you've prepared for us. I really appreciate it!

Hollywood and Disney would not be sucessfull without these classics

What a marvelous idea! I always hear classical music in commercials that I love and now I can find it.

I am forever indebted to you for this list. Brilliant idea.

So enjoyable and educational at the same time!

thank you soo much for all ur videos, im only 15 but i love classical music but i can never remember the names of the song so thank you

its SO hard to look for classical music (how do you go about looking for a classical instrumental piece?) thank god for this list i've been looking for #52 for the LONGEST TIME. thanks =)

EUREKA! 41! At last! Try finding a classical piece on the web when you can only hum the first notes...LOL thanks for this vid.

Thank-you.i nearly went mad trying to remember the name of a work that periodically haunts me and you helped very much.

GOD bless u for posting this

its shocking how many of these i know!.Fabulous pieces.

This is an excellent compilation! Coming up with a top-100 for classical music is certainly a gargantuan task and, surely, one could disagree about the rankings here and there. However, you truly proved your mastery of the subject by putting this marvelous list of wonderful pieces together! And one could even agree with your ranking...

lol im a 13 year old boy that likes screamo and rock.. but ive just wasted about an hour watching 100 to 1.. and each and every one of these songs, i KNOW! But i dont know ANY of the names. IVE HEARD THEM EVERYWHERE THOUGH! ALL OF THEm. isnt it funny? well for me, its really weird, and taht i know all but dont know ANY of the names

And finally...

Thanks alot for the classicals.

<sniff> You're welcome for the classicals, lil' guy. You're welcome. <sniff>

So yeah, check out Kickass Classical on YouTube.

Re: Kickass Classical On YouTube

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 12:10 pm
by kickassclassical
Update: 28 weeks

10,000 channel views... 500 subscribers... 500,000 video views... and counting!

Most comments fit into one of these categories:

The "Number X Should Be Number Y" category

The "This List Rules... But Here's What Sucks About It" category

The "Hey Where's [Obscure Piece No One Knows]? Everyone Knows It" category

The "Thanks" category (our favorite!)

The "I've heard these in Fantasia/ Tom & Jerry/ Looney Tunes/ Disney cartoons" category

The "OMFG Number X LOL <3<3<3 :D XD !!!" category

And all the rest. We just love that you're learning and talking about classical music! Keep the comments coming!

You are an angel! At last I have found that what I' ve been loking for a while (composer and the title)! Thank Yuou, thank you, thank you!!!!

*chin in hand* DAMN! what the hell have I been missing all these years? These are... woah


Cartoons can sure teach a lot about classical music!

Thank you for making this listing! Unfortunately you left out many great songs and composers, but I guess it's a must or this list would become TOP 5000 soon. ;-)

sorry but the imperial march is a film score...

Yes..a film score. And more film scores should and could have been included in these lists, especially those by John Williams, Basil Pouledoris, and James Horner. A film score is no different than an opera score, of which many are included here with no complaints. If it were not for film scores, an ever-growing segment of the modern public would rarely hear an orchestra, so I feel it completely proper to include them.

wow didn't expect to see the imperial march in there, but now that I think about it it's probably one of the most, if not the most recognizable piece

what song goes like bumbum bida bumbum bum badia.

Its funny how in contemporary society Entry of the Gladiators is used for an entry of clowns

#16 is so much better as the happy hardcore version sorryyy

Trans Siberian Orchestra also has a song called "Wish Liszt (toy shop madness)" which is basically a condensed version of te Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, i suggest listening to it

Wow, the sad thing is that ALL of us have heard ALL of these, yet we've never known the name of any of these songs! they are all well known when it comes to sound, but nobody knows their names!

i give u 'poster' a super special awesome mega deluxe hi five and thumbs up at the same time for these videos. Classic ftw!

Just listened to all 100. SO great to have this, and an excellent resource. I wrote many titles down I didn't know the names of which have been lifelong favorites. THANK you so much!!

Thank you so much for taking your time to clearify the titles ad artists behind the music. <3<3<3<3<3

Clarify* :-)

From starting at 100, it took me several vidoes to find the song that has been stuck in my head for at least five months! This is the greatest classical video series EVER!!

if i hear these on more time i will puke, thanks tho

Re: Kickass Classical On YouTube

PostPosted: Sat Jun 27, 2009 3:22 am
by kickassclassical
Update: 52 weeks - 1 year

1.3 million video views... 1,100 subscribers... 23,000 channel views... and counting!

We'll call this a success, and we'll probably post more videos someday when we're not watching videos of Joe Jonas dancing to Beyonce.

In the meantime, here are some observations after feeding our Top 100 List to YouTube:

There's nothing cooler than watching people discover something they enjoy - in this case music they thought they didn't like or even know. Mission accomplished, sucka!

You can't make all the people happy all the time. Almost every piece on our Top 100 List has been criticized for not being higher up - and for being on the list at all. If we re-did the list to make everyone happy, there would be a 93-way tie for first place, and a 7-way tie for second. And then we'd throw it away.

The list is more about the 100 pieces, and not so much about their ranking.

People who know and love classical music don't necessarily "get" the Top 100 List. They insist that the list should include obscure "important" pieces - when in fact that's the complete opposite logic of our list:

Our list is unique because we include only those pieces made popular in pop culture - not simply those pieces that are the favorites of the classical music community.

Those who have a pet favorite composer like Chopin or Rachmaninoff or Shostakovich are less than objective, and even offended that we didn't include more of them on the list. Again, if these people created the list it would be like every other. We feel our objectivity is the reason so many people embrace the Kickass Classical Top 100 List.

John Williams' "Imperial March" from "Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" is by far the most controversial choice on the Top 100 List. Of course, we feel that film scores are the new classical music, so we included a nod (1 piece out of 100) on our list.

Beethoven's "9th Symphony" is the next most controversial choice. People say that, at number 62, it should be much higher. It might make them happy to note that Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" from the "9th Symphony" is at number 14, making the "9th" the only piece to have two separate entries on the Top 100 List.

The most important thing we learned is that conversation about classical music - even if it is spirited debate - is better than no conversation at all! Thank you to everyone who has watched and commented on the Kickass Classical videos!

We'll end this post with one of our favorite comments...

Kickassclassical, you have been moved to the #1 slot of my "Badass YT Uploaders" list. Many thanks.

Re: Kickass Classical On YouTube

PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:49 am
by kickassclassical
We're celebrating! 3 years... 6 million views... 5,000 subscribers...

Thanks to YouTube finally letting us upload videos over 15 minutes in length, we can now upload the entire Kickass Classical Top 100 in one video.

Here's our brand new video featuring the entire Kickass Classical Top 100. (And it's in HD.)