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Kickass Classical 5th Anniversary

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:01 pm
by kickassclassical
This month marks our fifth anniversary, and we're celebrating with this self-absorbed forum post! (And uh, drinking a fifth while listening to Beethoven's Fifth.)

We started this site in July 2004 after being surprised that there was no simple website of popular classical hits - from movies, commercials, cartoons, songs, video games and ringtones.

Since then, we discovered we're not alone. The site has received over 2.5 million page loads from over a million unique visitors, saving them an estimated 500,000 bajillion hours searching for the classical music they know but didn't know the names of.

We've been called everything from "trivial" to "useless" to "murderers" by some, and then "clever," "refreshing" and "brilliant" by others. We've been repeatedly dismissed by classical music purists, and then used in music appreciation curriculums from kindergarten to college.

Thousands of worldwide blogs, wikis, forums, news articles, comments, answer sites and social bookmarking sites have linked to us, including Wikipedia, StumbleUpon,, reddit, Digg, Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, MetaFilter,, even Fark.

Our ten YouTube videos have received 1.5 million views, and we're just now inviting people to become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

As of this post, we are the #1 search result on Google for top classical, popular classical, famous classical, best classical music, and other coveted keywords. About the same on Ask and Bing.

We have an Alexa traffic rank of 293,020, which means there are only 293,019 other sites on the whole internet that are visited more. So y'know. There's that. And other web analytics sites have said interesting things.

The site has achieved a Google PageRank of 5, which we're told doesn't suck. Our greatest Google success as of this post is we now appear on the first page (in the top 10 search results) for classical music.

It's been a fun five years. Who knows what the next five years will bring!