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Is The Kickass Classical Top 100 List "Too American?"

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:06 pm
by kickassclassical
Recently the Kickass Classical YouTube videos have been inundated with comments from people who wish to express either:

1. A sense of national pride:

8/10 are germans...f--- yeah! Now you know who kicks ass in music.


2. Anti-American sentiment:

Americanized music come on... just bad taste

When compiling the Kickass Classical Top 100, we considered only the music and its place in pop culture. Never once did we consider the national origin of the composer.

To the first group of people we'd like to add:

Yes, your country totally rules. We are sincerely grateful for your country's contribution to classical music. And you, by association, also rule.

To the second group of people we'd like to add:

Yep, this list is American. You know, from America. The country that brought you pop culture. Disney, Warner Brothers, Hollywood... Google, iTunes, YouTube... even this here internet.

Even so, you can relax. The Kickass Classical Top 100 List features very little American music. There are only 7 pieces by American composers (Barber, Copland, Gershwin, Sousa, and Williams). That's 7 percent.

But still we get comments like this...

is this the american most popular 100? copland in front of alla turca and wagners valkyries... what a shame. hes not well-known outside america. never heard any of his stuff. but it seems that hes the only decent composer americans got, so they need to push him.

Thank goodness for replies like this...

Interesting that you didn't make the same comment about Rosas, the only Mexican composer on this list. Or Fucik, the only Czech composer. Both much higher on this list than Copland. Seems to be a pretty diverse list to me.

We hope our fine non-American friends can enjoy the other 92 percent of the list, like these people:

my god!! you made my day...i've seen all your collection and its awesome, very good, just perfect! i love classical music, but most of the time i would know the song, but not the title, and know thanks to you, i've found them here. regards from Malta :)

Im from Morocco and I thank westerners for their great music.

Music is supposed to bring us together, not divide us. In the words of Yo-Yo Ma, "Music has always been transnational; people pick up whatever interests them, and certainly a lot of classical music has absorbed influences from all over the world."

Re: Is The Kickass Classical Top 100 List "Too American?"

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:11 am
by Graham Thirkill
I'm a retired old Englishman (69) and I have favoured popular music all my life. As I have gotten older my taste for music has now turned to classical stuff. It's not easy is it to remember the composers and pigeon hole each lovely piece you like to a composer. I am getting there, bit by bit. It was a real piece of luck to discover this "kickass" website, the "Top 100 List" in particular is a great list for beginners like myself. The composers, the works, the explanations, the pronunciations, the history etc etc. Whoever wrote it should take a bow, well done indeed. The humour to say the least is superb and keeps the reader's attention from the beginning to the end. Whoever can make classical music writing funny and entertaining deserves a great big THANK YOU. So, to ever who wrote the page, THANK YOU. As I am ploughing through the list listening to your top 100 I keep your page open on my lap-top referring back to it after each track has been listened to. Cheers and beers, GT