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Why Buy Classical Music?

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Why Buy Classical Music?

Postby kickassclassical » Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:43 am

If you've spent any time on Kickass Classical, you've probably noticed the links to buy your favorite classical music piece on Amazon and iTunes.

So why should you open up your wafer thin wallet and actually pay for a song? Great question. We'll tell you why, young Padawan. There are two reasons:

The big reason is quality. When you click on one of these links, you should know you're getting the most widely accepted recording by the best orchestra with the best conductor in the highest quality format downloaded by the most number of people.

We've seriously taken a LOT of hours away from "Xbox and Fritos time" to research the best versions of the most popular classical music pieces for you. One time, we think we might have "gotten some" if we had put down the laptop for two minutes. But nooo, we were busy doing this. For you.

While we at Kickass Classical are big fans of torrent, LimeWire and eMule, we've also noticed that there are just some things that are worth paying for. And classical music is right up there with our iPod, our signature scent for the ladies, and that one "going out" shirt from Hollister.

We've noticed when downloading music for free that it's either incomplete or at a low bitrate (at worst), or a lousy version or recording by an unknown orchestra mislabeled as another composer (at best). (Why does every classical music piece - no matter who it's by - get tagged as Mozart or Beethoven on file sharing networks? We don't know. But we know it sucks.)

The second reason is - it's the right thing to do. We promise not to get preachy, we just want you to make this important distinction:

While most of the compositions on Kickass Classical have long since passed into the public domain, the performances have not. They are new recordings of new performances of new arrangements. When you buy Classical Music, you're paying these performers for their work.

So spend the 99 cents for your favorite piece. Pay the performers. Maybe one of those violinists is totally hot and just needs to make a little extra money before she can move out of her bum boyfriend's place into her own... before she meets you.

And don't suffer searching through hours of lousy renditions to enjoy one of the classics. That's like trying to enjoy a delicious, fresh-baked apple pie... that someone threw in the dumpster with a bunch of old ones :)

Buy your music, kids. Ooo look, a link - Kickass Classical Top 100
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